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“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.”

Will Rogers 


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Woody’s Place

Senior German Shepherd

Sanctuary, Inc. 501 c 3


Woody. Our Angel in heaven who watches over us.

Woody, our Angel in heaven who watches over us.




We can reached by e mailing us at: or callings (570) 280-4126. (Please leave a message.)




Who We Are:

Woody’s Place ~ Senior German Shepherd Sanctuary, Inc. is a small non-profit 501 c 3 located in Greentown Pennsylvania. We rely solely on volunteers and  forever fosters who share a common goal of providing a safe and loving forever home for abandon senior German Shepherds (8 years and older).

It is our philosophy that it is of the utmost importance to us that these loving, and often overlooked abandon senior German Shepherds have the opportunity to live the best possible life we can offer them throughout their golden years. They are just as deserving as their younger counterparts.

Ultimately, we strive to improve the quality of life for the abandoned senior German Shepherd whenever possible during their retirement.


What we CAN NOT do. We CAN NOT take aggressive dogs, either dog aggressive or human aggressive. Placing senior dogs can be challenging enough; Then factor in a senior with aggression issues, and we have practically NO chance of placing that dog. In addition, our dogs, more often than not, reside together, so to go along, they have to get along. Finally, we have insurance matters to consider. An aggressive  dog is a liability.

As of 2013 we no longer take dogs sight unseen or from outside the eastern Pennsylvania area Any and all dogs must be evaluated by trusting members of Woody’s Place before we commit to take the dog.

 If you would like to join us in our mission by volunteering please go to “Becoming a volunteer”, or contact us at


Our wonderful veterinary service who so lovingly care for our seniors when is Carbondale Veterinary Hospital Located in Carbondale, PA.

For more information on their services they can contacted at: (570) 282-0744


Thank you for visiting.

Woodys Place – Senior German Shepherd Sanctuary

Being Senior Dog Is Not A Disease

We hear it time and time again, “I don’t want to adopt an old dog. I want a dog that can run around and play, go for long walks, and won’t die in a few months”.

Okay, so maybe they are not the exact words spoken, but that is the unmistakable message we hear loud and clear, and it is something we feel needs to be addressed… pronto.

Being senior dog is not a disease. It doesn’t mean the dog is incapable of playing, walking, or even running, and it certainly doesn’t mean the dog is going to die in a short period of time. Quite frankly, what a silly thing to say; Our time is up when our time is up regardless of age, and the same holds true for dogs.

There are plenty of senior dogs available for adoption that are still physically active and have quality of life left in them; Senior dogs who would love nothing more to play and go for walks. Furthermore, more times than not, when a senior dog is rescued, it renews life in them, and they are energetic and playful.

The other issue we would like to point out (because we hear it constantly) is that not all senior dogs are plagued with health issues. It is true, that like people, as dogs get older they are more prone to certain illnesses and aliments, but as with people, some senior dogs are as healthy in their golden years as they were in their younger days.  A lot of it has to do with having good genes, regular exercise,  a balanced diet, and supplements  that can keep a senior going for many years to come.

We feel exercise is key. Woody’s Place dogs get three walks a day (weather pending) We have some seniors who can walk two miles or more, and we have others that can only make short laps around an acre size field. We believe in the, “Use it or lose it” adage, and it’s working so far. 

 Here is a snap shot of one of our past residents. When we were first starting out we took in a 14-year-old female German Shepherd named Roxy. We thought for sure she would be a couch potato, and have at least one health issue to contend with. We were going into the rescue as a hospice case and nothing more. Not the case at all. Roxy was running through the woods chasing rabbits and had no health issues until the last few months of her life, which by the way, she lived until the ripe old age of 17. Roxy had a huge zest for life.

Our sweet, and comical 16 year old, Roxy Bell, picking food out of a hole in the dog food back when no one was looking

Our sweet, and comical 16-year-old, Roxy Bell, picking food out of a hole in the dog food back when no one was looking.


Currently, we have little Misty Mae. She is 13 years old, and is quite the snarky gal. Yes she loves to sleep, and yes she has an under active thyroid she needs medication for (hello…$16 for a three month supply), she tells us when it’s time for a walk!  She’s quite the little hunter too. Age is not a factor for this little lady, that’s for sure.

Misty Mae 13 yr old Elk Hound/Shepherd Mix

Misty Mae 13 yr old Elk Hound/Shepherd Mix


We understand that adopting a senior is not for everyone. Being old is not a disease. Senior dogs are just as deserving as their younger counter parts. They need and are deserving of a loving home and family too, so please consider adopting a senior dog.

Please click on this link to read 10 solid reasons to adopt a senior dog:

Below are some suggestions for supplements and food to help your senior dog remain healthy and active.  Please do your own research, as what works for our dogs may not work for yours.


Cosequin for dogs -

 Glucossamine Chondrotin for dogs -

glucosamine chondrotin for dogs


 Multi Vitamins for Dogs -

High Quality Foods for seniors:

Fromm -

Merrick -


Guide for caring for senior dogs: